Stopover in Tokyo


Throughout Tokyo there are many thing to do and and many places to see such as buildings and land marks, Valleys and Volcano's

Mt. Fuji

Approx. 45 minutes south of Tokyo, where you can go and visit the beautiful, historical, inactive volcano Mt.Fuji known world wide for it's beauty.

Kyujyukuri Beach

Kyujyukuri Beach, with it beautiful white sands on the Pacific Ocean side of the Boso Peninsula of Chiba Prefecture just one hour North of Tokyo and 30 minutes from Narita Airport.

Grand Ferris Wheel

Sensoji Temple

Two brothers kept trying to return a statue of Kannon, the goddess of mercy, to the Sumida River only to have it return to them the next day. Thats is the story according to legend of the goddess of mercy. This temple was built in honor of her. It is best to go in the morning when it isn't very busy, it is peaceful in the morning.

Meji Shrine

The Meji Shrine in Shibuya is a shrine dedicated to Emperor Meji and his wife Empress Shoken. It has been called the most peaceful and serene place people have been to. Many StopOver World users have said the shrine is stunning.

Tokyo Tower

The Tokyo Tower stands high in Tokyo, it looks like the Eiffel Tower but it is a communications tower. The Tokyo Tower is 9m higher than the Eiffel Tower and is the 11th tallest building in the world.

You can go to the two observation desks in the Tokyo Tower but neither are near the top of the tower. The views from the decks still are amazing and you can see all of Tokyo and Mount Fuji. On the first floor of the Main Observatory there are two 'look down windows' that allow you to stand over the window and see down to the ground.

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