Stopover in Tokyo

Food and Drink

Throughout Tokyo there are many different food establishments and bars. Most of these are situated around the city selling some of the finest food and drink.

Tokyo Restaurant


Waja is a cool and cozy place to drink. The man serving you has traveled all over the world and can speak English and Spanish. The location of this establishment is hard to get to but it is worth it.

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Silverado serves American/Californian fusion food at very reasonable prices. The restaurant is small and is one of the best in Tokyo.

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Porterhouse Steaks

Porterhouse Steaks is the best steakhouse in Tokyo, widely praised this steakhouse is in the centre of Hong Kong. This restaurant is quite expensive.


Various locations in Tokyo but the Nishi-Azbau Gonpachi is the most impressive. The restaurant has 3 floors with bamboo and wood decor. Several types of Japanese cuisine make it one of the best Japanese restaurants in Tokyo. Gonpachi is quite a boisterous restaurant.


The Kyubey Sushi bar is pricey but the best Sushi bar is Tokyo. this is a must for any Sushi lover visiting Tokyo. The chefs are very friendly and so are the other staff.


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