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Stopover in Singapore - ShoppingThe Great Singapore Sale is an annual event and you should not miss it.Great bargain and offers , about 99% of the shops in Orchard Road particapated. A great discount for branded goods up to 30 to 40%. The sale usually starts in July and last from 3 weeks to a month.

If you would like to shop for ethnic stuffs, then to Serangoon Road and its neighbouring side streets are still today a bustling hive of wondrous sights, exotic sounds and intriguing aromas. Here where the locals shop, you can buy almost anything that's Indian, from handicrafts and Kashmir silk to peacock feathers and flower garlands. Glittering saris, some of simplest muslin and others of handmade silk threaded with gold, brassware, cooking utensils and Indian-designed jewellery are particularly good buys.

Check out the spice mill along Serangoon Road for ready-made packets of spices for fish, meat or vegetable curries that slip easily into a suitcase. The jeweller next door sells silver amulets, spears for the Thaipusam festival, and a host of temple offerings. Other shops in the area stock jewelled bridal ornaments as well as cheap but colourful bangles, ankle chains and other adornments. Look too for luggage of every description, Indian bedspreads, pop-art posters of Hindu gods and giant photographs of Indian movie stars. Chella's Gallery, specialises in papier mache boxes and other collectibles from Kashmir.

No visit to Little India would be complete without seeing two of the area's institutions, the Zhu Jiao Centre and Mohammed Mustaffa & Samsuddin Company. The Zhu Jiao Centre is on Buffalo Road by the Bukit Timah end of Serangoon Road. Known as KK Market to the locals, it is a bustling wet market full of fresh vegetables, fish, meat, spices and flowers. For small souvenir items at very reasonable prices, try the well-known brassware shop or one of the other small shops.

At the other end of Serangoon Road, in Serangoon Plaza just before Kitchener Road, is the emporium cum department store cum Aladdin's cave of the Moham med Mustaffa & Samsuddin Company. Don't be deceived by the relatively modest exterior - inside you'll find floor after floor extending in all directions and selling every conceivable thing.



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