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Stopover in Singapore - FestivalsChinese New Year

There are many colourful festivals and events held in Singapore each year. At the begining of the year, the Chinese New Year is celebrated by the vast majority of Chinese.

Do take a trip to Chinatown, immerse yourself into the spirit of the festive season, there will be a bazar with a lot of New Year treats and colorful street decoration and lights.

Chingay Parade of Dream.

Chingay began in Singapore as an expression of communal unity and celebration in 1973 to replace the absence of the traditional firecrackers released every Chinese Year after its ban in 1972.

Today, Chingay has evolved to be the grandest street parade in Asia - showcasing the rich, vibrant multi-culturalsim of Singapore, and the exotic and exciting cultures from all over the world.


Thaipusam is celebrated by the Hindu community in Singapore, Malaysia, Southern India and Sri Lanka.This festival commemorates the devotion of Idumban, a devotee of Lord Subramaniam, who received great burden of offerings to pay homage to his deity. Today, it is believed that any devotee carrying a kavadi in fulfillment of vows will have their wishes granted.



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