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Water Activities

Stopover in Hong Kong - Water ActivitiesAs Hong Kong is home to around 40 golden beaches, it stands to reason that water activities are pretty popular here.

The latest activities to catch on are windsurfing and wakeboarding, but there is also water-skiing, diving, kayaking and sailing to indulge in.

Water Skiing

There are plenty of places to water-ski, one of the best being Deepwater Bay. The Deepwater Bay Speedboat Company offer their services at around HK$580 for an hour. Tel: (852) 2812 0391


Available at Tai Tam, Sai Sha and Wakeland (Lantau Island), wakeboarding is one of the latest watersports to hit the nation. Sessions cost around HK$700, inclusive of equipment hire and coaching - visit for further details.


Since Hong Kong's Lee Lai Shan won a gold medal for windsurfing at the 1996 Olympics, the nation has been captivated by the sport. For more details about windsurfing in Hong Kong, try contacting the HK Windsurfing Association - tel: (852) 2504 8255 or email:

Alternatively check out the windsurfing centre at Cheung Chau (852) 2981 8316.


It may be more associated with Hawaii - but there are some fine places in Hong Kong to surf! It is not a hugely popular activity in Hong Kong - but some of the recommended surfing spots are Cheung Sha Beach, Lantau Island, Shek O, Ham Tin and Tai Long Wan (also known as Big Wave Bay - unsurprising then that the surfers love it!).


Bunns Diving Institute, in Wanchai, offers local folk and visitors the chance to indulge in some spectacular diving in the seas off Hong Kong's east coast. The boat takes in a different destination each outing - with prices reaching around HK$500 for visitors, inclusive of some equipment hire.

For more details contact (852) 34223322, or visit


Every Saturday at the Sai Kung Town Waterfront at 10 AM a half-day Kayak Explorer tour takes place. The tour takes you through the scenic coastline on a Kayak perfect for beginners or more experienced paddlers. All equipment is provided.

For more details visit




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