Bangkok Stopover - Must Do No.3

Visit the Chatuchak Weekend Market

Shopping is not my favourite pastime and I don’t like to go unless I know exactly what I’m looking for - but Bangkok’s world famous Weekend Market is not really shopping as we know it.

Situated on the Skytrain route, at Chatuchak Park it is now easy to get to and, despite its name, is open every day of the week. Set in 35 acres, the market attracts 200,000 visitors every day!

Chatuchak is a large, warren-like area with hundreds of stalls selling food, clothes, flowers, handicrafts - in fact just about everything. Certainly, any stopover visitor will be able to find ideal gifts to take on to their next destination.

On my first visit to the market I bought a Cocker spaniel puppy! Bargaining the price of my puppy down to half that of the original asking price was great fun!

I arrived at about 9.30am and was completely lost by 9.45am! I later discovered that a map of the place is available at bookstores! By midday it was getting crowded and I was getting hungry. After my snack of noodles at a food stall I found it was getting much too hot for my liking and eventually reached the exit near the train station.




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