Bangkok Stopover - Must Do No.10

Thai Massage

My final ‘must do’ to add is a visit to a massage parlour. There are many of these dotted along the highways and byways of the city and a weary Stopover visitor might well find it a good way to relax after a long flight. Many Thais go for a massage regularly.

The sessions are usually two hours in duration during which time the masseur or masseuse can focus on your feet, your neck and head, face, herbal relaxation oils or Reflexology.

The Thai traditional massage pays attention to all of the limbs, head and torso but the attendant can get quite forceful with his or her ministrations. The fees are far from exorbitant and no tip is expected in reputable places. Should the stopover visitor wish to show his or her appreciation, it will probably be gracefully received with a wei.




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