Bangkok Stopover - Must Do No.9

Street Shopping

As I have mentioned, I’m not a great ‘shopper’, but I do enjoy bargaining at the street stalls. These can be found all over Bangkok, selling ornaments, handicrafts, pictures, silks, CDs, beauty aids and clothes as well as food.

In the central areas of the city I often buy polo-shirts from such stalls and as a general rule my initial bid is about one third of the asking price. The fun continues from there and if I come away having achieved a fifty-percent reduction from the original quote for my purchase, I feel I’ve done well.

Clothes are generally cheap in Thailand and stopover visitors may like to get fitted for a new suit or shirt; they can be ready in 24 hours! Wearers of spectacles may wish to pick up a cheap, designer-frame prescription. Optician’s can copy from the glasses you are wearing and again they can be ready the next day. The city has many large, air-conditioned, department stores and prices are generally lower than in their western equivalent, but bargaining is a no-no, even for the Stopover traveller.




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