Bangkok Stopover - Must Do No.1

Dine at Seafood Palace

I don’t think anyone who knows me would call me a gourmet, but I do love seafood.

In Bangkok there are many places to eat good seafood. My choice was a large, air-conditioned restaurant - Seafood Palace - where the staff welcomed me with open arms. Thais are friendly and often keen to practice their English. What might initially be read as shyness is actually just fear that they will make a mistake when trying to speak to foreigners.

Large aquariums held stocks of live fish, shrimps and lobsters. Ice-beds around the tanks kept crabs and shellfish, of different types and sizes, still and calm and ready for the pot!

I chose a crab, some large shrimps and a small quantity of cockles and these were weighed and then taken for the chefs to bake and boil with the respective sauces I’d chosen from the menu – a nice spicy one for the shrimps!

The atmosphere and the meal, washed down with local beer, were most memorable - and so was the bill! The cost of my one meal would have covered food and drink for four at the open-air, Thai restaurant around the corner, but it has to be done at least once!

If you do decide to dine at the Seafood Palace during your stopover - mention that you saw the restaurant on and you may receive a nice surprise!

Where to Find it:

348 - 348/1 Sukhumvit Rd.
Asok - Sukhumvit Intersection
10110 Thailand
(BTS Asok Station E4)





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