The Ultimate Bangkok Stopover

10 Things to See and Do in Thailand - by Trevor Smith

Many people fear visiting Thailand, but cannot give an answer when asked, ‘Why?’ Perhaps it is fear of the unknown?

Thailand is one of the few countries in the world today that have never been colonized and, although the modern governments are quickly introducing western ideals, the Thai customs, traditions, food and language still remain firmly embedded. A stopover break could well be the ideal solution to overcoming possible initial fears or getting to know the country.

Though I love to travel, I’m not a great one for sightseeing or taking a tour of the top tourist attractions. I love to seek out the ‘natives’ and discover the differences between how they live and my life back home. When I leave a place, I like to take with me some real experience of what life is like there - not just a camera loaded with images of inanimate objects.

On a short break like a stopover, it’s not always possible to meet the natives, but what I can do is give you my ten ‘Must Dos’ to consider when you come to the Land of Smiles...

1. Dine at Seafood Palace

6. River Cruise



2. Watch Thai Boxing

7. Katoey Cabaret



3. Enjoy Chatuchak Weekend Market

8. Clubbing



4. Visit Thai Temples

9. Street Shopping



5. Eat Alfresco!

10. Thai Massage




A combination of at least two or three of my "must dos" should be possible on all but the shortest of stopovers. But, should visitors prefer a more relaxed stay, there are modern, air-conditioned cinemas showing up-to-date movies in English, many large bookstores, some lovely parks and maybe an early-morning visit to the Floating Market; where fruit and vegetable traders convene on the river just outside Bangkok to trade their produce.

There are so many ways to enjoy the delights of Bangkok, you'll want to return again and again.




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