Bangkok Stopover - Must Do No.5

Eat Alfresco!

Dinner ‘on the street’ may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but I love it.

Thais love to eat and even the simplest meeting for coffee or a drink is usually accompanied by a snack. A stopover traveller won’t have to go very far in Bangkok before they see a place selling something to eat.

Street vendors put out tables and chairs on the pavements and will serve you as you sit watching the traffic roll by - you may need to stroll a little farther to find an air-conditioned restaurant.

If Asian food is a little too exotic for you, Bangkok, like any cosmopolitan city, offers a plethora of restaurants offering Middle-eastern, European and Western foods, even down to the British pub! I’ve only been ‘caught out’ twice; the first when I was starving hungry and selected a southern, egg curry that turned out to be too spicy for me to eat! The second when I chose a vendor that had no-one else indulging in its fayre. I was served quickly and enjoyed the food, but saw a lot of the bathroom over the next three days!

A filling meal is very cheap at most open-air eating places and if the Stopover visitor should end up at one of the restaurants linked to below, he or she may get a price reduction or free sample.

For those stopover travellers who don't suffer from vertigo the Eat-All-You-Can Buffet atop the Bayoke 2 Tower offers a selection of foods from around the world. This meal can be preceded or topped-off by a visit to the 84th floor to view Bangkok from the revolving platform.




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