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Golf in the Dubai is unique. Where else can you play a desert course where you play on 'browns' not greens? Or play at night time under floodlights to avoid the soaring daytime temperatures? The whole experience can seem highly surreal given you can play in the desert, sustained only through a miracle and a small fortune that waters the course.

With exotic trees and shrubs flanking the fairways alongside panoramic views of the Arabian Gulf and wooden gazebos. You will find yourself in the company of peacocks, guinea fowl and partridges which freely roam many of the courses, it can seem like a fantasy land. So good are the courses that Dubai hosts two PGA Championship Tournaments, gone are the days when playing these fine courses was invitation only, now all are welcome. As one of the 7 UAE's, Dubai has the highest profile and for good reason.

A great tourist infrastructure, and easy entry means its easy to enjoy the beaches, mountains, oases, camel racing, deserts, and any number of sports. Dubai provides a blend of the exotic east and the sophisticated west together with its status as the sporting capital of the Middle East, and award winning hotels and resort facilities to match

Cable Cars

In Dubai there is a vast desert which you can explore by Safari. There are a range of packages but the most popular is the Evening Desert Safari. This off-road arabian adventure takes from the centre of Dubai to the golden desert sand dunes. You get picked up from your hotel in a 4WD (Toyota Land Cruiser) and are taken to desert in 45 minutes.

On arrival to the desert the arabian rollercoaster starts, your driver will take your dune bashing (desert driving. You will be taken up and own the dunes and then get taken to a camel farm within the desert. You can touch the camels and interact with them.

After the camel farm you are taken to the campsite where there are more camels but these are waiting to take you on a short ride. You can also sandboard (Desert snowboarding), smoke flavored sheesha and much more. An arabia barbecue buffet dinner is also provided.

This is a great experience for everyone and you cannot miss this.

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