Stopover in Dubai


Dubai Desert

There are a few places to visit in Dubai, such as,

The Grand Mosque

The Grand Mosque is situated in the Bur Dubai section of the city near the Ruler's Court. Rebuilt in 1998, this mosque is now home to nine large domes, 45 small domes, and the largest minaret in the city (at 70 meters tall!).  With its beautiful architecture and vast quantities of stained glass, the Grand Mosque has become both a recognized landmark, and an important place of worship.

Dubai Museum

Al Fahidi Fort, which houses the Dubai Museum, is another imposing building. It once guarded the city’s landward approaches. Built around 1799, it has served variously as palace, garrison and prison.

It was renovated in 1970 for use as a museum, further restoration and the addition of galleries was completed in 1995. Colourful and evocative dioramas, complete with life-size figures and sound and lighting effects, vividly depict everyday life in pre-oil days. Galleries recreate scenes from the Creek, traditional Arab houses, Mosques, the Souk, date gardens, desert and marine life.

One of the most spectacular exhibits portrays the underwater world of pearl-diving, and is accompanied by sets of pearl merchants’ weights, scales and sieves.

Also on display are artifacts such as fine copper, alabaster and pottery objects found in 3,000–4,000 year-old graves at Al Ghusais. The main fort is a fascinating military museum.

Burj Dubai

The Burj Dubai can be seen from almost anywhere in Dubai. It is the tallest building in the world and isn't even fully built. This mammoth structure is currently under structure and is set to open in September 2009 but is still a magnificent sight to see. The current height, as of May 2008, is 636.00m which exceeds any other building in the world. It is also the tallest man-made structure in the world, the building with most floors and the tallest freestanding structure on Earth. The Burj Dubai is truly amazing and will have the highest Observation deck on Earth when opened.

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Dubai Desert

Dubai Desert is one of Dubai's best sights. You can take a safari through it and go dune bashing. Dune bashing is driving on the dunes and the desert. Dune bashing is widely praised and many people have chosen it as their best part of their Stopover in Dubai.

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Palm Jumeirah

The Palm Jumeirah an island off the coast of Dubai in the shape of a palm. It is man-made and can be seen from Dubai. Many celebrities and other famous people live on the island including David Beckham who has a home there.

You cannot go on Palm Jumeirah if you do not live on it as of yet but you can see it from Dubai. It is an amazing feature and looks great from above.

There are actually three Palm islands but Palm Jumeirah is the only one fully built. Many people call the islands the 8th Wonders of the World.

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The World

Three hundred man-mad islands in the shape of the world created as a real estate venture. The World is home to many famous and rich people and each one has there own island. Each island has been man-made and was only completed fully in January 2008.

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