Stopover in Dubai


There are a wide variety of theme parks in Dubai, all of which have state-of-the-art facilities and attractions. Here is a list of some of them you'll have to decide which one is for you!


Located right next to the famous Hard Rock Cafe, is a popular, modern disco with a lively atmosphere. Music ranges from techno and trance to dance. There are also many performances by drum masters, dancing girls and more. The scene is modern, young and hip, and you'll find a good mix of tourists and locals!  Ladies night Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday, and a pint of Foster's costs around 18Dhs

Wild Wadi Water Park

Wadi Wadi Water Park is an exciting escape for anyone trying to get away from the heat. Originally opened as part of the Jumeirah Beach Park in 1999, the park has 24 rides-16 of which are interconnected. Among the many attractions, you will find the Summit Surge which uses high-powered water jets to transport up to four people uphill in a raft, and the Jumeirah Sceirah, the tallest and fastest freefall slide outside of the United States. Your sure to find some relief from the heat and a whole lot of fun when you visit Wadi Wadi.

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